Research interests

My main research interest concerns dynamic graph visualisation and the representation of transformations within a graph, whether they be topological or only concerning a change in the inner properties. As a consequence, I am attentive to the possible applications and needs of any user facing real world problems.

The second field of study drawing my interest is the visualisation of graph rewriting systems, defined by a set of rules –describing transformations of subgraphs– and a strategy language –used to control the rule application. I am especially interested in the possible interactions between the two topics.

Finally, my curiosity and the interdisciplinary approach of information visualisation leads me to follow different scientific themes ranging from astronomy or biology to psychology and sociology.

My PhD thesis

My PhD studies have been conducted between Nov. 2013 and Dec. 2017 and supervised by Guy Melançon and Bruno Pinaud. I was attached to the EDMI doctorate school and affiliated to the LaBRI, a research laboratory depending from the University of Bordeaux. More precisely, I was part of the research group EVADoMe within the MABioVis team.

During these 4 years, my work has been focused on information visualisation, network generation and analysis, and graph rewriting problems. I have had a (small) hand in helping developing the graph rewriting platform PORGY, based on the visualisation tool Tulip developed within the research team.

My PhD thesis dissertation, entitled “Where Social Networks, Graph Rewriting and Visualisation Meet: Application to Network Generation and Information Diffusion”, is freely available online via open archives (TEL).